Do you want to get the best sleep routine for babies?

How to achieve a sleep routine with your baby

Establishing a sleep routine in babies is essential, and this requires a lot of patience, discipline and organization on the part of parents. You already know that babies don't bring an instruction manual (even if we wanted to! ) and that all activities, including sleeping, are taught. But how to do this?

Although there is an immense amount of information about infant sleep, getting the baby to sleep at the most appropriate time, alone and continuously, is still a challenge for many parents.

Today we want to show you how you can achieve an ideal sleep routine for your baby. You will see that in a matter of days you will be able to feel the pleasure of resting your head on your pillow and sleeping through the night without worries.

Sleep in babies: 4 steps to achieve an effective routine

No one said that it would be easy to organize sleep in babies.  It's all about establishing habits and having a batch of patience.  There are even instruments, such as the Dundy, that offer you ideal spaces for your baby's sleep training.

You should know that, like everything, the baby's learning is based on repetition. And that the dream of the newborn is not the same as that of an adult.  The hours of sleep-in babies are approximately 16 hours per day.

But we have good news for you! You can try following these steps and see how you and the baby feel while applying the routine.

1. A relaxing bath

Bathing is among the activities that newborns enjoy the most.  Many parents prefer to give him dinner before the bath, and others after.  It will all depend on what you prefer for your baby.

The truth is that bathing helps your body relax and prepare for sleep. Try that the water temperature is the most appropriate, between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius. If your baby throws a tantrum to sleep, believe that this step will prevent these types of situations. You will be 100% relaxed and ready for the next step.

2. Delicious massage

If you always contact your sleep coach to tell him my baby can't sleep, try giving him a massage with soft oils or creams. This will help moisturize your skin. In addition, it will give you an unparalleled sense of well-being.

It is proven that caresses are powerful and help establish a healthy and special connection with the newborn.

In this step, you can use our beloved Dundy, which will work as a perfect Montessori bed to give you a good massage before sleeping.

3.Cotton pajamas

Wear comfortable pajamas, preferably cotton, that cover your small feet. While you put it on, make eye contact, smile and speak in a very soft voice. These actions, although they seem simple, give the baby confidence and security.  The idea is to implement calm actions before sleep.

4.Many pampering and arms

Finally, prepare the room in which your baby will sleep with very soft music and dim light.  Drag it in your arms until you see that it is already closing its eyes.

If your baby does not want to sleep in the crib you can try to place him in the Dundy and read a story in a low voice. 

It’s important to assure a safe sleep.  If you practice co-sleeping or even inside of the crib, make sure there aren’t any blankets, pillows or stuffed animales.

Don't get impatient. If you are wondering how many hours a baby should sleep a day,  remember that, up to 4 months, it can be about 16 hours or more.  Then, the hours of sleep are more difficult to fall asleep.

But by following these steps we are sure that you will be able to establish an ideal sleep routine for your baby and you will feel much calmer.

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