How to start potty training in children?

One of the most important stages for parents is potty training in their children. This stage of growth and adaptation in our little ones requires a great deal of patience and perseverance. But in addition to this, to these pieces of training, we can add products that facilitate our little one's learning.

We know that leaving the diaper is a step forward in the autonomy of our children. For parents, it also means relief because they don't have to change so many diapers daily anymore.
What are the ideal products to start potty training in children?
Some products will help your children in their potty training. The ideal ages for our little ones to leave the diaper are between 2 and 3 years old. Right down below we mention three products that will be of great help to your little one in this important process:
  • Potty
Baby bacinicas are one of the most popular products to train a baby to leave the diaper. For decades it has worked with high effectiveness for the smallest of the household. There are different colors and models to make them more attractive to your baby.
  • Trainer Breeches
Trainer breaches have become one of the best-selling products these days for teaching toddlers. This type of breeches better known as pulls ups diapers are used to protect the baby in the case of urinating by accident in the process of stopping using diapers.
  • Water-repellent covers
These covers are very helpful to protect your furniture in case your baby accidentally urinates. In Dundy, we have waterproof covers to protect your Dundy couch from any accident.
Parents need to have the toilet and trainer breeches at the beginning of the bath training period for their child. Thanks to them, learning will be quicker, more effective and easier for the little one in the house. And thanks to the covers they will be able to protect the home furniture during this stage.

Tips to leave the diaper

Many parents find it very difficult to teach bath training to their little ones. This practice takes a lot of patience and perseverance. For this reason, we want to teach you the best tips for your baby to leave the diaper.
  • Place the coaching pot in a place that is visible and easily accessible to your child, thus he or she will get acquainted with it.
  • Talking to your babies and explaining the use of the potty is very important to remind them when you see them confused. If both parents commit to this teaching task, the results will be faster.
  • Wear the trainer diapers on your baby, as well as fresh, easy-to-change clothes.
  • Don't scold or pressure them if they have trouble learning how to use the potty. For the child, your support and love during this potty training process is very important.
In addition to these valuable tips there is the Montessori method, which consists of the following indications:
  • Start training when your child feels prepared. Experts recommend the age of 2 years.
  • Place the potty visible to your children and make the diaper easy for them to remove when they want to sit on the potty.
  • Do not force the baby while learning to leave the diaper to use the toilet.
  • Don't give them rewards for learning or punishments in case it takes time for them to learn.
  • Be a trusted facilitator and guide for your little one during this stage.

Accompany your child in this important stage

Nothing better than the love of the parents during the learning stages. With love, perseverance and patience your child will quickly learn to stop wearing a diaper.

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