Dundy MAG

A magnetic couch that you can actually build with😎

We love magnets. But we love to build😍  even more. So we managed to do both with this amazing couch!

IMPORTANT: All the small pieces are to build WITH  while you can use the triangular pillows and bases to build ON! The magnets are NOT there to provide structure, and while the type of magnets are really strong, while using them on foam they only provide a small help while building.


We are super excited to share with you our latest release: Dundy MAG. Let us talk a bit about it!

We wanted to make the best magnetic couch for your little ones. So we listened to what our customers were asking: a more stylized fabric, having the fun of building AND CLIMBING, working as a couch (with two or three levels), adding some extra water repellent liners and being able to build slides and more.

And these are the results. 😃

We made a couch set of 16 pieces that allows to create the most amazing builds and never ending fun and active play.

The two triangles. For serious builders!

With two base triangles you are able to make castles, forts, two floors buildings, slides, and jump from heights. These triangles provide a safe and sturdy base for those who like second floors.

The Magnets 🕳️ 🕳️

Fun and strong magnets held in particular places that allow unlimited building, and make playing more fun! The magnets we use are small and strong, this allows them to rotate automatically when placing another piece next to it.
*Triangular pillows are magnets free.

The colors. 

Our linen covers come in these amazing colors:



Only 150 sets available for the first batch! US Delivery in 60 days guaranteed! Free US Shipping! 


We did remember it also works as a couch 😂

 You can even use it as a hammock or chaise with actual back support for kids and adults. Our amazing triangular pillows make this possible. 

Super Zipper ✨ ✨

With a connecting zipper for more versatile builds. This zipper and the triangular pillows allows our super intense builders to go for slides, ramps and more creative builds.

2 and 3 level couch configuration  😎

 Water-repellent liners because we know accidents happen. ☔ 

*These are not waterproof, the liners prevent the liquid from passing to the foams immediately and buys us a few hours after an accident, but this are not for Soaking. 😅


Super Safe 🗝️ 🔒

The magnets are held in the inner part or the water-repellent liner, they are sewed from the inside and out of reach. Super safe!


Hidden zippers to avoid easy opening of the covers

We know kids find fun in the least expected places, and want to avoid the fun being in chewing some foam instead of building.

 The Price. 

In the last months Polyurethane foam cost has raised 30% and it appears it'll continue this way. And we hate those times when you buy something just to find out you have to pay an extra $50-$100 USD Shipping fee. So there are no hidden fees or extra costs and we've made everything amazingly worth it!

Only 150 sets available for the first batch! US Delivery in 60 days! Free US Shipping! 


Pieces and magnets

Hidden parts when it's set as a couch. 

Machine Washable covers!

We know accidents happen! Just remove the linen covers and wash them in your household washing machine. we recommend to use "delicate" and cold water, as well as hanging them for drying.

 Super Fun!

With just a few minutes of play our super demanding focus group came with some extraordinary and creative ideas! We can't wait to see yours!

 The most amazing builds!


Are you ready?


Only 150 sets available for the first batch! US Delivery in 60 days! Free US Shipping! 




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