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Dundy Play

The newest addition to the Family "Dundy PLAY"😎

We love Playcouches. But we love to build😍  even more. So we released the best playing and building foam set! in our loved suede fabric.


  We are super excited to share with you our latest release: 

This is what you've been waiting for!!

Dundy Play is a set of 12 fun pieces that allows to create the most amazing builds. (wedges Available)

*Wedges (50 x 50 x 70 cm) available in Play pack or sold separately.

We made a lot of tests with different shapes and possibilities, and came up with our perfect formula: doors, arches, walls, wings, pillars, windows and more! The creativity is up to them... Houses, planes, racing cars, spaceships, restaurants (we could keep going...)

We use our "S" Foam for this set, a super strong 24 KG/M3 Foam 5.9 inches wide.

YES!!! 5.9 Inches and super strong foam!! that allows sturdier builds and a lot of resistance for climbers and second level builds.

We wanted to make the best playing experience for your little ones. And we listened to what our customers were asking: having the fun of building AND CLIMBING, different shapes that allow creative building and enhances imagination, Super strong and wide foam for stability and sturdy builds.

*Extra Cloud thin bed used in this photo
*Extra Cloud beds used in this pic.


*Extra stone beds used in this pic.

The Ball Pit Cover 😎

 We wanted to give as much possibilities as we could, so we came up with a new idea! A cover that allows to convert part of your Dundy Play into a ball pit. Included in Dundy Play.

Check out how the cover works in this video.


The colors. 

We love having options (and so do you😜 ) so we offer the Dundy Play in all our suede color range:

Limited availability for Christmas 2021 delivery!

 Free US Shipping! 

What's Included?

12 pieces and the Ball pit cover set. (Wedges available in pack)

Hidden Zipper ✨ ✨

We know kids find fun in the least expected places, and want to avoid the fun being in chewing some foam instead of building.


 Waterproof liners because we know accidents happen. ☔ 

*The liners prevent the liquid from passing to the foams immediately and buys us a few hours after an accident, but this are not for Soaking. 😅

Limited availability for Christmas 2021 Delivery!

 Free US Shipping! 

Machine Washable covers!

We know accidents happen! Just remove the covers and wash them in your household washing machine. We recommend to use "delicate" and cold water, as well as hanging them for drying.


Are you ready?